Special Needs Orpanage, Food Delivery

Special Needs Orphanage

Cristian is a 17, he weighs 80 pounds


happy to have attention

brad has fun with kids

Belinda assists in writing

Megan playing "lets jump"

Tims head seems to provide tactile stimulation

Im think he is ready for lunch?

God loves each and every one of us
After loading the bus with our last food give away bags and instructions to dress in the best clothing we had available. Our first stop was a special needs orpanage that houses 31 children in various degrees of disability from age 6-18. In Honduras this also means the parents kicked the kids to the curb as they could not handle the extra resourses: financially, emotionally or physically. These kids had hydrocephalus. seizure disorders, varying degrees of mental disorders, autism, paralysis, and cerebral palsy. They function with  a very small staff (I only saw 7 people there including the administrator, Elsie. We met with Elsie for a good deal of time and found the function in less than $500.00 a month. This is amazing for many reasons.
One, the place is spotless.
Two, during our tour they knew about every child, their likes and dislikes and behavior.
Three- They were not just keeping the kids alive, they were rehabilitating them each day and with what little money they had. they had rigged up equipment to help in the process.
Four-They were eager to learn and begged me to show them ways to improve patient welfare which we did on a feeding tube patient, recently discharged from the hospital.

It has been put om my heart to help them with their medications and their environment and healthcare, including adequate food supplies. We left the last of our food with the home and Elsie is putting together a list of meds and primary needs, Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you want to personally help, gayledavidson@hotmail.com with "honduras" in subject line.

After coming to Honduras for many years, you start to notice strange things. I noticed that even though we had a big event to attend and were told to dress in our best, not one person even flinched at the slobbery, mucus filled hugs and kisses that came our way. Clearly the Torch team had their hearts in the right places.