Clinica de Esperanza celebrates 10th anniversary


August 15 was the anniversary of the 10th year of the clinc. The community was invited for free food and music. Not a common thing in a rural poor neighborhood in Honduras. The purpose of the celebration was to show them that we appreciate them as human beings. That we were a part of them. This is an important step culturally to feel a connection with the people and help them realize we are here to help as long as we are needed. 

Your donations help us connect on a daily basis, we appreciate all you do to keep this project going. We are sure it is hard sitting on the other side of a computer to realize the good you are doing with even a small donation. We appreciate every penny given. 

Other than providing jobs for local Hondurans, no one in our organization is paid for this work, we are all volunteers. The staff at the cinic are Honduran people that were jobless before the clinic started. They now have employment and can take care of their own families. This is separate and apart from the help all the people that have been helped medically because of you. The number is rapidly approaching 40,000 human beings by the end of the year. 

Enjoy the photos of the celebration of life, of cultures coming together. People who have so much giving to people who have so little. Balancing the scales in some small way in the universe, and in a large way to so many individuals that have received care. 

Have a blessed day where ever you are. 
Gayle Davidson