There is is never a coincidence with God in charge


This is Katerine. She is 8. She showed up with a group from Tierre de Padre to meet Tim. Her mom asked if i would see her. She has Marfans syndrome, same as Abraham Lincoln, Osama bin Laden and the jolly green giant. All have very tall torso and long arms. It causes severe eye and heart disorders. ( chromosome 15).

The system here gave her an appointment in a year to have it taken care of.  She would be blind by then with the eye exam showing possible retinal detachment, they gave her no hope and told her glasses would not help. All she wants is to see the board at school and see her family. We took her to a private ophthalmologist hospital today and found that glasses would help a great deal and she has bilateral dislocated lens with no detachment.

She got her glasses today. An American team will come and perform her very complicated surgery. I choose this doc because she belongs to the American academy of ophthalmology. She has connections that I do not have. Again, proof that life is never a coincidence with God in charge.